1.7 Bn users active on Facebook after office hours. So automate your customer interaction when they wants.


Chatbot is way smart in lead conversion & boost engagement. And Instagram DM automation is 100% approved by FB.

All in One


Additional marketing tool to further reach your audience and gain more customers


Instantly create your very own ecommerce store or automated online food ordering platform to grow your business


Active Campaigns


Active Users


Ecommerce Store


Message Sent

Manage from One Place

Manage All of your Social Networks in One Convenient Dashboard

Sales Performances

Get updated on your sales metrics anytime and anywhere

Subscriber's Data

Easily find out more about your audiences and customers

Bot Analytics

Provide exemplary customer service to your audiences and customers by providing what's best for them.

Gorgeous Data Presentation

Precisely Measure your Social Media Impact

Track performance and grow your audience with Valuable Insights. We offer super user-friendly data and gorgeous charts. Get amazed seeing your Social Media stats go up like anything.

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Dashboard Bot Analytics
Bot Templates
Let's Make It Simple

Diverse Selection of Bot Templates

We have clients from around the world and each belongs to different business industries. Hence, we have prepared huge selection of pre-made Bot Templates so you can accelerate your brand in no time.

  • Salon
  • News Blog
  • Real Estate
  • Hotel Booking
  • Flower Delivery
  • ...and a lot more!
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Grow Your Business

Messenger is the Best Marketing Channel to Get Highest Result

10x more powerful than email marketing. Provide automated customer service without spending any time.

  • No Subscription Messaging Approval Needed
  • Sync Existing Subscribers
  • Send Bulk Messages to Old & New Subscribers
  • Segment Subscribers
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Start Selling Online!

We take marketing to the next level with the following features

Easily increase your AOV (Average Order Value) by create compelling Post-purchase upsells and downsells and let customers pay in One-click.

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Sell Through Facebook Messenger

Unlike other chatbot platforms, Monkeychat enables you to set up an online store on Facebook Messenger! The best part is that there's no signing up for customer, it's all on Facebook!

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Sell Through Instagram DM

As if Facebook Messenger wasn't enough, our chatbot system also allows you to setup shop inside Instagram using the same amazing automatization that chatbots have to offer.

Targeting Tool

Manage all your social media accounts with one place, and more integrations will be offered soon.

Crossplatform Posting

Our Visual Editor walks you through the entire process of building a chatbot, from design to launch.

Visual Flow Builder

Get up and running quickly with our easy-to-set up online marketing tools. You can sell your products in a matter of seconds.

Valuable Insights provides you with valuable data to grow your audience. It is a powerful tool in marketing strategy and planning, so keep track of it.

Crystal Reports
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Platform Sneak Peek

Here are some screenshots inside our platform's user interface.

Very intuitive, responsive and user-friendly front-end for you and your customers.

Start Instantly

Just follow few easy steps to start using our app

Step 1


Get started by registering to our app, risk-free and not credit card needed to start.

Step 2

Import Account

Easily import your Social Media account

Step 3

Connect Facebook Pages

Choose which of your Facebook pages to be used in our app

Step 4

Build Your Chatbot

Build your own bot in minutes with our simple drag-and-drop

Step 5

Create Campaign

Create comment reply, Social Posting, SMS or Email Campaigns

Step 6

Enjoy the Results

Get amazed how your business grow like anything.

Pricing Plan

Simple pricing for everyone

All plans include 40+ advanced tools and features to boost your business. Choose the best plan to fit your needs.

Monkeychat Pro

$ 49 Per Year
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Monkeychat Pro
Accounts 2
Pages 5
Pages - Subscribers/Page
Posting : Text/Image/Link/Video Post 30
Posting : Carousel/Slider Post 30
Posting : CTA Post 30
Monkeychat Pro
Messenger Bot
Messenger Bot - Connectivity : JSON API
Messenger Bot - Connectivity : Webview Builder
Messenger Bot - Email Auto Responder
Messenger Bot - Enhancers : Broadcast : Subscriber Bulk Message Send 10,000
Messenger Bot - Enhancers : Engagement : Checkbox Plugin
Messenger Bot - Enhancers : Engagement : Customer Chat Plugin
Messenger Bot - Enhancers : Engagement : m.me Links
Messenger Bot - Enhancers : Engagement : Send to Messenger
Messenger Bot - Enhancers : Sequence Messaging : Message Send 10,000
Messenger Bot - Enhancers : Sequence Messaging Campaign
Messenger Bot - Persistent Menu
Messenger Bot - Persistent Menu : Copyright Enabled
Messenger Bot : Export, Import & Tree View
Messenger Bot Condition
Messenger E-commerce
Monkeychat Pro
Instagram Auto Comment Reply Enable Post
Instagram Bot and Private Reply - Campaigns
Instagram Posting : Image/Video Post 30
Instagram Reply Enhancers - Campaigns
Monkeychat Pro
Linkedin 3
Medium 3
WordPress 3
WordPress (Self hosted) 3
Blogger 3
Reddit 3
Monkeychat Pro
Social Poster - Access
Social Poster - HTML Post 30
Social Poster - Image Post 30
Social Poster - Link Post 30
Social Poster - Text Post 30
Social Poster - Video Post 30
Monkeychat Pro
Conversation Promo Broadcast Send
Email Broadcast - Email Send 10,000
Email Broadcast - Sequence Campaign
SMS Broadcast - Sequence Campaign
SMS Broadcast - SMS Send 10,000
Monkeychat Pro
Comment Automation : Auto Comment Campaign
Comment Automation : Auto Reply Posts
E-commerce Digital Product
E-commerce Product Price Variation
E-commerce Related Products
Email Phone Opt-in Form Builder
Live Chat
One Time Notification Send 10,000
RSS Auto Posting 30
Subscriber Manager : Background Lead Scan
User Input Flow Campaign
Utility Search Tools
Visual flow builder access
Whatsapp Send Order
WooCommerce Integration
Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Check out our frequently asked questions to find your answer.

Using our platform is abosulely safe and legal! We're just leveraging on the open APIs of different Social Networking sites, nothing that breaks the rules.

Our platform is beginner friendly! We have tons of Documents and video tutorials to help you get started.

Of course. Through your dashboard, you can easily manage messenger bots, ecommerce store, social media campaigns, view statistic reports and a lot more to maximize what we can offer!

Definitely you can unsubscribe with us anytime and may continue to use your current package until it expires.